Allegiant by Veronica Roth Review

ImageMy thoughts on the conclusion of the Divergent series are very conflicting.

When I read the first Divergent book, I was very impressed. It stood out to me more than other books such as Matched and Delirium. It was unique, capturing, and compelling. In total, I read the first Divergent book about four times. I thought that Insurgent was a good sequel, but it was lacking something that the first book had. I was still very excited for Allegiant though.

I got Allegiant on the morning it came out and finished reading it two days afterwards because I still have classes to attend.

I’ll attempt not to spoil anything about Allegiant as best as I can.                                                                                         It begins with the after effects of Insurgent, when the Edith Prior video is released and all the people find out that they’re part of some experiment. I do not understand why such emphasis was put on Edith Prior and how she is connected to Tris, because this topic was barely mentioned in Allegiant. All we know is that she is one of Tris ancestors. I wish that Veronica Roth would have done something more with this. I had high hopes for when Tris and the others venture out of the city to the unknown world. Since Veronica Roth came up with such an interesting idea for the city, I wondered in what unique way she would portray the outside world. I was very disappointed. The outside world is portrayed in a similar fashion to how the city is. I feel like Roth tried to make it similar to how Divergent went so she could have the same success. Not a great technique, the plot was a disaster. Roth took the series in the same kind of direction as many other YA novels. Allegiant reminded me of The Hunger Games and The Maze Runner combined.

Nevertheless, what stood out to me about this novel and what makes it different from many other novels is the character development. Tris comes to a full understanding of herself and her relationship with Four. I do not want to discuss this topic further because I’ll give too much away. 😛 Also, the conclusion was shocking. I am not a huge fan of how it ended like everyone else, but in my opinion, its what made the whole book worthwhile reading. Not many YA novels end in this way and I am astonished that Veronica Roth decided to do this.

I think the Divergent series is worth a read if you haven’t read it and Allegiant is an acceptable conclusion to the series.

Plot 2/5

Writing 3/5

Love, Maryana