The All Souls Trilogy by Deborah Harkness


I haven’t been this intrigued with a series in a long time. Thank goodness, I let A Discovery of Witches sit on my shelf for the past year. There is no way I could have waited patiently for the conclusion to this trilogy until now. I managed to read all the books in almost a week. All my spare time was devoted to reading. I needed to satisfy my curiosity. This series can very well go on my favourite list.

This trilogy has everything I love about reading- witches, vampires, daemons, romance, magic, time traveling, history, mystery, mythology… Sadly, no werewolves though.

The story surrounds a witch named Diana Bishop and how she discovers a long lost missing book which everyone believes is the book of life. The discovery of the book leads Diana to encounter a vampire, Matthew Clairmont and the whole forbidden love story starts. There are rules in their world where species cannot mix, thus Diana’s and Matthews relationship is doomed. Not going to lie, their whole relationship reminded me of Twilight but I feel like Diana is much stronger character than Bella ever was. This book is better thought out version of Twilight if you want to put it that way but it has so much more. Twilight focused strictly on Bella’s and Edwards relationship while All Souls Trilogy focuses on the hunt for truth of the world and how the beings came to be, what makes them different, appreciation of literature, etc.

I love the fact that Diana is a librarian and she has the access to all these significant books. That’s how she stumbles upon the book of life.  I love how the author uses real historical figures and events. I love history but I am not that familiar with the Middle Ages. I actually got to learn some new facts and it just makes you appreciate the book even more. It did get confusing when in the second book, Diana and Matthew, travelled to the sixteen hundreds and the school of night characters were introduced.

There were some slow moments in the books. I wished that I could have fast forwarded through those parts. I do understand why little boring scenes are essential to books though. It gives the readers a time to debrief on what has happened but haha I don’t care.

I wished that the second book did not focus entirely on the 1600s. It stretched out too long and it was pointless. Harkness could have managed in three hundred less pages and perhaps added more time traveling to more significant events.

I am happy with the conclusion to the trilogy but wonder what will happen next. Is Matthew going to kill himself once Diana passes or is she going to be turned into a vampire so that they could live together?

Spoiler- I am disappointed with the fact that everything is to blame on Benjamin. He is too much of a minor character, insignificant, to bring everything to a conclusion. I hoped that there was something bigger at play.

This trilogy is an exciting read. I do recommend it to others.

Love, Maryana


True (Elixir #3) by Hilary Duff

What can I say about this book?TRUE-HILARY-DUFF

One of the quickest reads ever, it is like reading a children’s book.

The writing is very simple, the story doesn’t fully develop in my opinion and the whole book is too rushed.

The only reason I read this book is because I read the first two beforehand and desired to see how Hilary Duff would conclude her trilogy. The first book was the best one out of all three even though it did remind me of Evermore by Alyson Noel. Both of the books share the same concept of eternal love, reincarnation, and elixir of life. I do have to admit that I enjoyed evermore more than I enjoyed reading elixir (the first book by Hilary Duff).

I thought reading this book was a waste of time and wouldn’t recommend it to anyone who is looking for a good book to read (Unless you are of the age of twelve).

I do not want to trash this book because I do admire Hilary Duff and I do think she should write books but I think she should try writing children’s books.

One thing that stands out for me about this series, are the book covers. I love each one of them.

I give this book 2/5 just because I think the story is good but she could have developed and done so much more with it.

I give the writing 2/5 as well because of its simplicity.

If you disagree with me, just let me know. And that goes for all the reviews I write.

I’m not the best writer either, and this is a new hobby i’m picking up, so I apologize if i do not make sense sometimes. For sure Hilary writes better than i do right now. 😛

Love, Maryana