Books I read 2013


5 thoughts on “Books I read 2013

    1. That’s okay! I love replying to comments! I don’t do those daily posts like everyone, i haven’t really figured out how to get involved. So i just review books and reply to comments :)The Infernal Devices is one of my favorite series too but i haven’t updated my favorite books page because the list will be too long 😛

      1. Very cool! Yeah I love the Mortal Instruments but I found that I liked the Infernal Devices more because I enjoyed Tessa more than Clary. (And I ADORE Will Herondale)! 🙂

      2. i can’t say which series i like better until i know how the Mortal Instruments ends. Everyone likes Tessa better than Clary because Tessa is like one of us. She is a reader while Clary is an artist. I think i like Will better now too, the movie kind of ruined Jace for me. I am not a huge fan of the actor who is portraying him. I hate it how sometimes movie adaptations affect your perception of the book.

      3. I know! I wish they had someone else play Jace but isn’t that the case with most movie adaptations? But of course I’ll see the movie because I have to know if they do the book justice or not.

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