random 009Hello,

My name is Maryana and I am a new blogger. I decided to dedicate my first blog to something that I am very passionate about and that is reading. Some people may call me an immature reader because I have not read many significant and meaningful books but I am making a transition into primary world of literature.

I’ve been intensively reading books for the past six years and on average I read fifty books a year. I should mention that I am nineteen years old and that until the age of twelve, I absolutely despised anything with letters on it.

The first book that I read was called High School Bites by Liza Condrad, it wasn’t by choice either. I bought the book at a book sale at a local mall because I was obsessed with vampires. I never actually planned on reading it until my parents announced that we were going on a three day fishing trip to the middle of nowhere. And I literally mean in the middle of nowhere, we were stationed on a rock by a lake. There were no civilization nearby and no necessary accommodations (no washrooms), just pure nature. It was just me, my parents, and my father’s friends. I am an only child and my father’s friends did not have any children. Thus, I had no choice but to bring a book with me and read it while I was there. I remember it perfectly, sitting on that huge rock, reading, and wondering why I haven’t done this before. I finished the book within two days and on the third day I couldn’t wait to get back home and look for more books. Okay, to be truthful, I did not end up reading that much, I just read an occasional book that I ordered from scholastic. I believe this fishing trip occurred during Labour Day weekend of the year 2007. The weekend before I went to eighth grade.  I can go into more details about the first time I began to read but I do not want to go on and on. If you do want to hear more about it just send me a request for my story.

Anyways, the next five years I spent reading finest of the YA novels and the required school books. Toward the end of my grade twelve year, I slowly started to appreciate literature more. YA novels started to become too predictable and I was looking for something new. I began reading more adult fiction and then finally after graduating, I started to stack up on classical literature. Also, during my first year in university, I took a mythology course where I read the translation of ancient works of Hesiod, Homer, Virgil, Aeschylus, and Euripides. I am very happy I took the course because it gave me the ability to read such outstanding epics, even though I did not receive a good grade in it.

Some classics I read include Lolita, Wuthering Heights, Frankenstein, Pygmalion, and more.

I do still read some YA novels but it is hard to find something that I really like.

I would also tell you about my favourite books but there are too many to choose from.

I hope you will enjoy my blog where I’ll be reviewing all the books I read and tell you more about myself.

XO Maryana


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