Hunted by Elizabeth Heiter

huntedThis is the first book and the first review I am doing this year. I haven’t been reading that much lately because of my studies.

For the past three months I’ve been reading A Clash of Kings, I’ll probably finish it in the next month, HOPEFULLY. It’s saddens me that I don’t have the luxury to read as much as I want to now.

Anyways, I’ve been very much stressed recently and to calm myself down, I decided to do what I did in high school (on daily basis :P). I went to Target and picked up a random book. Usually it would have been some YA novel but considering that I am sick of reading about the same thing over and over, I picked up Hunted by Elizabeth Heiter. It was actually hard picking a book at Target now since most of them were paperback romance novels and children books. I thought that Hunted was one of the YA novels when I first saw it because it had a similar cover to other YA novels but when I turned it over it turned out to be a thriller/suspense novel.

Hunted follows the life of a FBI profiler named Evelyn Baine. Evelyn is very dedicated to her work and will do anything to help catch the bad guys. She didn’t have a great childhood and she lacks the ability to socialize well but she has the ability to understand how a serial killer thinks. Evelyn is assigned an interesting case where the murder half buries his victims in the woods. This case becomes life threatening when Evelyn finds out that she is next on the murderers list. She must do everything she can to save herself and other possible targets.

I usually do not read these kinds of books but another reason why I picked it up is because it has simple writing and I could finish it within a day. The book wasn’t that great but it wasn’t bad either. It reminded me of an episode of Hannibal, where the killer didn’t fully bury his victims because he enjoyed looking at them. I am sure this book is similar to a lot of other crime solving books and tv shows. For me though, it was nice to read since as I said, I usually do not read these kinds of books, and this was just what I needed. I enjoyed the pace of the book and some of the scary moments as well as the ending. It was predictable at some parts and the author did not try to make a connection between the readers and other characters which was unfortunate. I wish the book had more of a twist to it, maybe if the killer was in disguise as an FBI agent the whole time and Evelyn did not recognize him. That’s predictable too but I’m not trying to write a novel here. Spoiler alert. I liked the ending where Evelyn became worthy to the killer and he refused to speak to anyone but her since he saw her on the same level as himself. This was a great ending because the killer saw his victims, especially women, as below him.

If you enjoy a lot of FBI types of novels I wouldn’t recommend this book since it doesn’t bring anything new to the table.

If you are looking for an easy and enjoyable read and you never tried crime novels then this is the book for you.

I rate this book 3/5

I am sorry for some of the bad grammar and sentence structure. I can’t even tell sometimes since English isn’t my first language.