Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell

15745753Ugh, sad to say that I didn’t like this book. The whole story was irritating. I have so many questions that weren’t answered.  I hated the ending especially.

This story is about two teenagers falling in love. Eleanor is the new girl that everyone automatically hates because of the way she dresses. Park is a quiet guy that everyone leaves alone because of his family name. Two of them are misfits in their own way and then they develop feelings for each other.

Spoiler alert

I thought the story had a lot of potential but it just wasn’t explained. I didn’t like the story because I don’t understand how Park went from hating Eleanor from the point where he couldn’t stand looking at her and then falling in love with her because she started reading his comic and listening to his music. The only contact they had was on the bus before school, they didn’t talk in class or at lunch, they didn’t talk on the phone because Eleanor did not have one.

Eleanor comes from an abusive home. Her mother left her with a friend of theirs for a year without a notice. I wish this part was explained more. I want to know the reason behind Eleanor’s departure and why her stepdad snapped at her. I also do not understand why Eleanor’s mother chooses to stay with this guy. Sure, he provides for them but that’s not even enough. Eleanor and her 4 other siblings need to share a room. They don’t even have enough food to eat daily. Anyways, I wish Eleanor’s mother behaviour was explained more. Also, I do not understand why the stepdad dislikes Eleanor so much or why by the end of the book she says that he is going to kill her when he found some of her make-up and comic books.

Now let’s discuss the ending. Eleanor goes to stay with her uncle after she says her stepdad will kill her. Her family disappears. We do not know if the other kids went to live with the uncle as well or if the mom gained some courage and left the jackass.  Park is left heartbroken and a year passes when he gets a postcard from Eleanor, after not hearing from her the whole time, saying three words. So what are these words? Did she tell him she loves him? I do not understand the point of that. Park wrote letters to her every single day at the beginning and she didn’t respond to any of them. So why would she choose to do this to him now after he tried to move on? Ugh I just hated the whole relationship. Park did so many wonderful things for Eleanor and she never seemed thankful for it. He always said he loves her and she never said it back. There was a chapter in the book when Park’s mother did Eleanor’s make up and she started crying afterwards because she said she doesn’t look like herself but much prettier. It wasn’t  tears of joy. So ungrateful, all the time. Park stood up for her on many occasions. Park was the one who took her to her uncle’s home in the middle of the night too. So what did Eleanor do for Park the whole book? I would like to know please.  She was grateful in her head, maybe, but she never expressed it.

Sorry for my nonsense but I am just not a fan of books like this. I wish it would just end with Park getting over Eleanor or her coming back.

Anyways, I liked the book on scale of 5 at a 2.

I enjoyed the way it was written so I give it 5/5

I give the plot 3/5

Love, maryana


4 thoughts on “Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell

  1. Most people seem to love this book, but this review and one other I’ve read offered some constructive criticism that showed what I think are probably legitimate reasons to not love the book (from the best I can discern without having read it myself).

    1. my review is harsh, and it’s strictly based on my honest opinion. Maybe i misunderstood the book or i just value different aspects but i just think the story is overrated. I hope i didn’t discourage you from reading this book and i just find all the other reviews misleading 😛

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