Blood Red Road by Moira Young

ImageI have been planning on reading this book for over a year now. I heard things about it such as, “It the next Hunger Games!” and “It’s even better than Divergent”. I disagree with the above statements now that I actually read the book.

I did enjoy reading this book but I found it to be nothing special.

The writing was revolting and I hated it at first. I had to force myself to read the first one hundred pages and with every page I had an angry outburst on how the writing is a disgrace to English literature. But then I started to understand why it was written this way. It shows how the protagonist, Saba, thinks and views the world. Saba has had no education thus she says things like “an” for “and” or “ud” for “would”.  It was irritating but as you get into the story, you stop paying attention to it. I read some reviews where people say that they couldn’t finish the book because of the writing, but honestly you get used to it and afterwards it ain’t that bad. 😛 It would be helpful though, if the Moira Young used some quotations. It is hard to follow when you don’t know if Saba is thinking to herself or talking to someone.

My reasons why I was not impressed with this book;

First, Saba isn’t the easiest person to relate to. Secondly, I did not understand how she magically became the best fighter and was given the name, Angel of Death, for it. Maybe I misread something but I was under the impression that she had no training and even if she did, it was fooling around with her brother and father. Maybe it will be explained in the next book. Thirdly, it was hard to understand the setting. I understand that it is all dust land and how there was the big apocalypse but I wish there was more details about it. Hopefully in the next.

I still prefer Divergent next to this. I probably will read the next book in the series, Rebel Heart even though I think Blood Red Road could be a standalone. SPOILER: The first book was about Saba finding her brother and she did get him. The next one will be about them finding a place they could live in…Contrary to most books, this one did not end with a cliff-hanger in my opinion. Sure, there are some loose ends, like who is this DeMalo character, and what is Jack hiding. But the book doesn’t mention anyone being after them anymore. Plus, Saba parted with Jack well, she got to say goodbye to him and everything. The books goal was accomplished thus it could be the end.

I give the story 3.5/5

Writing 3/5




3 thoughts on “Blood Red Road by Moira Young

      1. No not really, it just didn’t capture my attention. I will read it eventually, because I’m the same way – I have a hard time not finishing a book, but I just was blah about it.

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