Between the Lines by Jodi Picoult and Samantha Van Leer

ImageThe title of this novel and the cover captured my attention right away. I read many good reviews on this book but at the end I was disappointed.

The concept is unique. It’s about a teenage girl who falls in love with a prince in a fairy tale book, with whom she is able to speak with, and throughout the novel they attempt to get him out of the book so they could live happily ever after. Okay so my summary is really bad but it is actually what happens.  The prince in the fairy tale is aware of the fact that he is in a book and he wants out of it with the help of this girl.

This book is kind of irritating because, yes, it is a cute story but in my opinion, it doesn’t have the happy ending that it should have.

Spoiler Alert

I honestly thought that by the end of the book, the girl, whose name is Delilah would end up with Edgar, the son of the author who wrote the fairytale. It makes sense to me because the fairytale prince, whose name is Oliver, is based on Edgar, so through Oliver and the fairytale, Delilah falls in love with Edgar. The whole time Oliver was talking to her about how he wants out of the fairytale, is the cause that led Delilah to find Edgar, who is actually Oliver in real life. That what I thought would happen but nope, that’s not what happens.

Instead, Delilah find Edgar but Edgar and Oliver are two different beings so while Oliver wants out of the book, Edgar desires to be in the book. And that’s what happens, Edgar writes himself into the book while Oliver is written out of it. The book ends with Oliver getting a paper cut and instead of him bleeding red, he bleeds black, thus Delilah realizes it is actually the real him and they share a passionate kiss. The end.

It doesn’t make sense to me. Throughout the novel nobody but Delilah could hear Oliver, so I actually thought it was in her head but guess not. I feel bad for Edgar and how now he is stuck in the fairy tale even though it was his decision. And I still do not understand if Oliver is real or not. If he bleeds black, obviously he isn’t real and its all in Delilah’s head. But maybe it’s actually Edgar who Delilah ends up with but has the impression that it is Oliver. But if it is Oliver, the prince from the fairy tale book, does that mean everyone else can see him now. If he is the prince from the book, how is Delilah supposed to live with him, its not like they’ll ever have kids since he is made of ink, and would they even be allowed to marry? But it is a fairy tale,i suppose, these questions aren’t asked. The fact that Delilah and Oliver are together is the Happy Ever After.

Sorry, I am way over-thinking this book, it is so confusing. This review is terrible because I’m just writing without filtering what I actually want to say.

If you read this book, please tell me what you thought of it because I would really like to know.

I actually love the way this book is written. It is written from three perspectives, Delilah’s perspective, Prince Oliver’s perspective from the fairy tale, and between chapter we get the actual fairy tale story.

Anyways, this whole review was a rant and me trying to make sense of this book. I’m sorry you had to read it.

I rate it 3/5 since the story is unique

Writing 4/5




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